YARA is a community

Our organization weaves together education, self care, service, and action.

YARA is a grassroots organization aligning the practice of yoga with animal rights activism and the fight for all marginalized beings. 

This is a dream of awakening people to the realities of our actions.

This work is advocating for those who have been misunderstood, mistreated, and neglected.

This work is for seekers.

Do you want to join us?

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Yoga and Animal Rights Alliance brought these two rescues back from The Elephant Nature Park Dog Rescue outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are 600 dogs needing rescue at this no kill shelter and most are adopted out internationally. YARA has brought 5 dogs back from Thailand. These two are the latest.

Chiklet, a.k.a Little One, is feral and lives outside at Sweethome's sanctuary and we are working with a behavioralist to help her gain trust and heal from PTSD. Our goal is to be able to build a trusting relationship so that by the fall she will be at ease coming inside and living a comfortable with dog walks and receiving love from humans. 

Mae Rim, a.k.a Red Fox, is quite old and shows signs of dementia, yet is happy to be here. She sleeps in bed with Sweethome and gets along with everyone. Due to being a street dog for most of her life and scavenging to survive, her teeth are rotten and she experiences quite a bit of pain. many of the teeth need to be extracted. There is a hefty fee for this work to be done, but when it is, she will be out of pain and we hope it might relieve some of the signs of dementia. 

This campaign has been created to raise money for continued support from the behavioralist and to help cover the costs of veterinary care. We estimate $1500 for the teeth extractions and $500 for the behavioralist. 

We are a non profit in need of support through financial donation as well as volunteer work.

Any amount of help is greatly appreciated!

Today, Sweethome is channeling much of her energy into achieving her long-term goal of supporting animal rights efforts through her non-profit, Yoga & Animal Rights Alliance and at-home sanctuary.

Sweethome’s primary aim is to cultivate compassion and lovingkindness as an individual and a group force for the benefit of all beings. She ends nearly all of her classes by stating:

“May all beings be happy and free and may our thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to the happiness

and freedom for all."  

This mantra truly reflects how Sweethome navigates her life as a teacher and healer.

As she moves into the next stage in her process, she is thrilled to be incorporating more animal rights efforts into her everyday work.

Weekly Yoga Classes

This is the line up for regular classes in Portland when Sweethome is in town. Go to upcoming events  to find her schedule for retreats and courses.



9:30-10:45 am             NORTH PORTLAND YOGA

12-1 pm                       YOGA BHOGA

TUESDAY                    PEOPLES YOGA

9:30-11:00 am

 WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY                                        

                                                           NO SCHEDULED CLASSES

                                                                       Private lessons are $90/hour and Sweethome donates 25% of every private hour to

                                                                       Chimpanzee Northwest or Chimps Inc., both non-profit 501c3 and located in the                               

                                                                       Pacific Northwest.  


12:00-1:00 pm             YOGA BHOGA



10:00-11:30 am             NORTH PORTLAND YOGA

6:30-8:00 pm               YOGA BHOGA  *RESTORATIVE