Yoga Animal Rights Alliance

Sweethome's Animal Sanctuary

~YARA supports the rescue and protection of domesticated animals in need. We are devoted to the stewardship of their health and well being.

Sweethome has supported finding homes and caring for many other animals in the past ten years. Lizards, Hedgehogs, and several dogs have benefited from her efforts.

She has brought home 3 new dogs this winter and is finding them homes and as YARA grows, The sanctuary will grow as well.


~Sweethome Sanctuary~

a 1/4 acre of land in Portland, presently home to these rescued animals:

The residents of this place are always changing. Some of the animals are fostered here until they find their forever home, some have been here since the beginning, some have passed and are buried here. Each one of these beings has a story worth listening to. Please check the blog for updates.