Within the Portland-based studios where she teaches (North Portland Yoga & Peoples Yoga), Sweethome has become notorious for her instinctive ability to nurture, guide and challenge her students through an impeccable combination of both a spiritual and physical practice.

Sweethome’s dedication to the equality, peace and well-being of all sentient beings is felt within each of her classes. After 25 years of teaching, Sweethome’s classes incorporate her learnings from key teachers in her life (Colleen Swantner, Sharon Gannon, David Life and Tias Little, Michael Stone and many more), as well as her connection to music/sound and Qigong.

In addition to her studies with Sharon Gannon at the Yasodhara Ashram in Canada, another notable journey for Sweethome was in 2010 when she traveled to India to study vedic chanting at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. Sound and vibration have a huge influence her classes, workshops and retreats, as well as within her ongoing journey of self inquiry.

Sweethome has taught to humans of all ages; she has also worked with at-risk youth, as well as cognitively, mentally and physically disabled adults through the StreetYoga program.

Today, Sweethome is channeling much of her energy into achieving her long-term goal of supporting animal rights efforts through her non-profit, Yoga & Animal Rights Alliance and at-home sanctuary.

Sweethome’s primary aim is to cultivate compassion and lovingkindness as an individual and a group force for the benefit of all beings. She ends nearly all of her classes by stating:

“May all beings be happy and free and may our thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to the happiness

and freedom for all."  

This mantra truly reflects how Sweethome navigates her life as a teacher and healer.

As she moves into the next stage in her process, she is thrilled to be incorporating more animal rights efforts into her everyday work.


Testimonials from Sweethome’s students include:


'Sweethome is a loving and dedicated yoga teacher. She uses chanting to encourage self exploration and she moves the student through the physical practice in a way that is very intuitive and organic to the body. Clear concise verbal instructions create a natural flow and she often uses imagery effectively; one leaves her class feeling energized and empowered . Sweethome's passionate commitment to her values and her quest for personal growth shine through in her classes.'
~Adrienne Silveira
Owner of Studio Adrienne Classic Pilates

& long time yoga practitioner .


'Sweethome is strong, wise, kind, and funny. Her yoga is not an exercise, but truly a practice with spiritual significance.'

~John Meindersee II


'Sweethome is just as her name describes-she is sweet & you feel at home around her. She is full of knowledge but never comes off as pretentious. Her classes are full of depth but have easy concepts to follow. Everytime I am in her presence, I see more and more that she is made of pure, simple love. She means well, & she owns that in the way she carries herself. As a yogi of almost 20 years, I can easily say she is one of my very favorites teachers.'

~Robin Mordecai,

Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Massage therapist, Entrepreneur


Sweethome embodies a style of yoga that integrates the heart into a breathing, flowing, musical Hatha. My experience with her classes has helped me to lift my moods as well as to experience the general sense of physical well being that comes from the guidance of a highly skilled instructor. Having practiced with many instructors, over many years, I hold Sweethome in the highest regard as a bhakti yogi and a lover of life.

~Mark Bennett,

 Data engineer, philosopher, and investigator of life!