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Walk with The Elephants - YARA Thailand Retreat

Thailand Elephant Retreat

January 13th-19th, 2020

(You must arrive by the 12th since we head out from Chiang Mai bright and early on the 13th)

Join YARA founder Sweethome Teacup at Never Forget Elephant Foundation to offer a unique experience with the elephants and culture of Thailand.

The trip features daily elephant interactions, learning about agriculture and community through having a cultural exchange with the local Karen Hill Tribe community and volunteering with the local community in the mountains, as well as daily yoga sessions and conversation about how we all can support the health and wellbeing of all who share this beautiful planet which is our home.

Never Forget

The 7-day immersive program includes:

  • Participation in ethical, daily interaction with free roaming elephants by hiking with them in the jungle

  • Education about local culture and history of elephant ownership in the Karen Hill Tribe community

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation practices

  • Opportunity to provide community service that includes teaching English at the local school

  • Time to connect with like-minded, passionate individuals from a variety of walks of life

  • Shared lodging in traditional Karen bamboo huts with comfortable mattresses, warm bedding, pillows and mosquito nets

  • 3 delicious vegan meals per day with coffee/tea and snacks as desired

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For centuries Karen Hill Tribe communities have cared for elephants in the jungles of South East Asia.  In recent decades a new model of tourism with elephants in performances and riding/bathing has emerged, to the mental and physical detriment of elephants’ wellbeing.  Through the Never Forget program, elephants are removed from tourism and logging venues and are brought home to their natural habitat. The program embeds volunteers into the culture of one of Thailand’s oldest hill tribes while gaining a fascinating insight to the life of forest elephants. Witness the daily life of the Karen people, become involved in the community and experience intimate encounters with the world’s largest land mammal in their natural habitat.

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  • Daily time with elephants; walk alongside these gentle giants through the jungle

  • Gain a fascinating insight into the life of elephants in their natural habitat and observe the way they behave when surrounded by the jungle

  • Delicious vegan food, with the majority sourced from the local organic garden

  • Meet people from all walks of life with similar interests and make lifelong friends

  • Make a difference in a community while learning about their traditional way of life

  • Daily yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussion

  • A blessing ceremony lead by a Karen Tribe shaman

    What to bring:

    • Travel insurance that covers the duration of your stay (per requirement from Never Forget Elephant Foundation)

    • Hat, sunscreen and insect repellant

    • Layered clothing.  This trip is offered in January when the weather is colder at night.  The temperature in the mountains in Northern Thailand ranges from warm weather during the day to cool temperatures during the evening.  Plan to bring layered clothing to ensure you are comfortable during activities and at night.

    • Sturdy shoes that you are comfortable in to hike in the jungle.  Rubber boots are a great option.

    • Yoga mat

    • Sandals/flip-flops

    • Gardening gloves

    • Flashlight and/or headlamp

Yo, our guide, and one of my favorite people!!

Yo, our guide, and one of my favorite people!!

YARA is offering this retreat for the cost of $1,375. This includes:

  • All transport from when we meet in Chiang Mai on the 13th (You have to arrive by the 12th, since we leave early in the morning on the 13th) until we return to Chiang Mai on the 19th.

  •  7 days of Lodging and meals at the elephant project 

  •  7 days in the jungle with the elephants

  • yoga, chanting, writing, meditation daily

  • volunteering with local community

  • All program-related activities during the week


All contributions go directly to support Never Forget Elephant Foundation and Yoga and Animal Rights Alliance.

more information needed? contact:

There is limited space for this retreat.

Save your spot by donating your $200 non refundable deposit