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Walk with The Elephants - YARA Thailand Retreat

Thailand Elephant Retreat

January 6th-12th, 2020

(You must arrive by the 5th since we head out from Chiang Mai bright and early on the 6th)

We will be offering a unique experience with the elephants and culture of Thailand in January of 2020 featuring daily elephant interactions, having a cultural exchange at a tribal village and volunteering with the local community in the mountains, as well as daily yoga sessions and conversation about how we all can support the health and well being of all who share this beautiful planet which is our home.

Never Forget

For centuries the Karen tribe has cared for elephants in the jungles of South East Asia. Through unemployment, they were forced to lease their elephants to trekking camps and elephant tourist shows. Now the time has come for the elephants to return to the village and their natural habitat. We will dive into the culture of one of Thailand’s oldest hill tribes while gaining a fascinating insight to the life of forest elephants. We will witness the daily life of the Karen people, become involved in the community and experience intimate encounters with the worlds largest land mammal.

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  • Daily time with elephants; feed and walk alongside these gentle giants through the jungle.

  • Gain a fascinating insight to the life of elephants in their natural habitat and observe the way they behave when surrounded by the jungle.

  • Delicious Thai food, freshly cooked each day for you to enjoy.

  • Meet people from all walks of life with similar interests and make life long friends.

  • Make a difference in a community while learning about their traditional way of life

  • Daily yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussion.

  • Many more surprises

Yo, our guide, and one of my favorite people!!

Yo, our guide, and one of my favorite people!!

YARA is offering this retreat for the suggested donation of $1,375. This includes:

  • All transport from when we meet in Chiang Mai on the 6th (You have to arrive by the 5th, since we leave early in the morning on the 6th) until we return to Chiang Mai on the 12th.

  •  7 days of Lodging and meals at the elephant project

  •  7 days in the jungle with the elephants

  • yoga, chanting, writing, meditation daily

  • volunteering with local community


Questions? contact:

There is limited space for this retreat.

Save your spot by donating your $300 non refundable donation