Yoga Animal Rights Alliance:

Dog Rescue Project

Sweethome brought 3 dogs back from the Elephant Nature Park and Dog Rescue in January, 2018. They have integrated well with Griffin who came back with her from Thailand the year before.

 The many dogs who have been rescued and are in shelter at ENP come from the flooding that occurred in Bangkok a few years ago, the Dog meat trade, and puppy mills. They are taken care of at the  ENP dog rescue, but need to find homes where they can have the love and attention they deserve. There is trauma and malnutrition that needs to be addressed and with the Two new members of Sweethome's Sanctuary we are devoted to their health and well being.

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ENP's Dog Rescue

We want to give this chance to more dogs from The ENP Dog rescue.

Will you help? 

We are raising money right now to help Mae RIm with her teeth. They need to be extracted due to many years of malnutrition. Chiklet experiences PTSD and is basically a wild dog who lives outside. We are slowly gaining her trust by working with a behavioralist.  All of this costs and if you are able to donate anything then this sanctuary can thrive. 

The power we can find in community is incredible and the dogs are enjoying the love and care. We would love for you to be a part of this movement.

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